Make Parties, Not War

I'm known among my friends to throw a party (or two) every year. Most recently I threw myself a 1960s costume birthday party, and it was such a great time !
Theme parties provide a chance for guests to play dress-up, and for you to indulge your creative imagination. When successful, they’re unforgettable.
Here are my tips to throwing a successful theme party:
1.)   Location: Focus on the number of guests you will be having. Once this is done, set a location.
2.)   Theme: From costume to hosting a wine tasting. This helps you figure out who to invite.
3.)   Entertainment: Music is a must for my parties, which is why I always have a Disk Jockey present. This is just one less substance I need to worry about while hosting.
 I wanted the simplicity of the 1960s to be strong as the night continued; meaning no cell phones. Having a photographer taking care of capturing those tender moments made this easy & realistic. Having a great photo booth & candid photos thru ought the night is perfect.
4.)   Drinks: 1 large theme drink, (Sangria, Bathtub Gin, Pink Panty Droppers). To keep costs down, have your guests bring their drink of choice so that everyone is satisfied.
                           Here are some special moments from my birthday celebration:

The photos, videos, and Disk Jockey featured on this post are the works of three talented friends of mine.
All of the photos taken on this magical evening are featured here .


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