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Make Parties, Not War

I'm known among my friends to throw a party (or two) every year. Most recently I threw myself a 1960s costume birthday party, and it was such a great time ! Theme parties provide a chance for guests to play dress-up, and for you to indulge your creative imagination. When successful, they’re unforgettable. Here are my tips to throwing a successful theme party: 1.)Location: Focus on the number of guests you will be having. Once this is done, set a location. 2.)Theme: From costume to hosting a wine tasting. This helps you figure out who to invite. 3.)Entertainment: Music is a must for my parties, which is why I always have a Disk Jockey present. This is just one less substance I need to worry about while hosting.
I wanted the simplicity of the 1960s to be strong as the night continued; meaning no cell phones. Having a photographer taking care of capturing those tender moments made this easy & realistic. Having a great photo booth & candid photos thru ought the night is perfect. 4.)