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Majic Monday

Majic happens when you got your best friend, her Canon AE-1, and a beautiful day outside. We found ourselves taking a walk in the local park after lunch, the weather was just right. There’s something about when the afternoon sun hits my skin that makes me smile - like the sunshine giving me a nice warm hug. Sometimes the simplest things make me so happy/excited.

 I received this Brianel tee as a gift upon volunteering for Joyrich during Los Angeles Fashion Week about four years ago. It's honestly the most comfortable shirt I've ever worn - reason being it's made by Alternative Apparel. Working for Alternative's design lab just this past year had me developing, admiring and wearing everything we made. Vintage Levi's from the Salvation Army, jacket from Charlotte Russe (Got this about five years ago on a random walk in + now it's my forever closet staple) and ruffle socks + wedges  from Urban Outfitters.  Now, go outside and soak up the sun! xo