Arts District

I received a text from my roommate saying she's in the Arts District and asked if I want to grab a drink. Left work, walked across the street and proceeded with excitement to meet my beautiful friend and her beau.
So as the sun went down, we enjoyed our first Oktoberfest beers of the season along with great conversation and smiling on how the weather was finally cooling down here in Los Angeles. 
I love my friends and I love this city.

Taken on IG

This is Britt
This is Garrett. He took the 35MM photos (on an Olympus 35 RC) featured on this post and has a really cool video he made on YouTube that you can see here
"Noir Murder Mystery films from the late 40s" is what he said inspired him. Vanity and monsters, find it at 3rd & Traction  

Here is my song of the day, play it loud

 Britt is wearing American Apparel | My boots + top are vintage, the skirt I borrowed from my little sister

Thank you for reading !


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