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Soft and Subtle

These photos were taken before things got sultry on the same day during my "Natural Chemistry" shoot. A collection of test shots while experimenting with props, accessories, and lighting. I'm such a fan of black and white photos, and love how raw a photo can look when using film. Around 85% of my closet is a collected mecca of vintage and thrifted finds from cities all over Los Angeles. I always shy away from bright white/beige, but these three pieces seem to work with my body and are definitely part of my favorite dresses I own. On occasion, there are moments when my mind slips into a setting of a nostalgic time I wish I lived in. This day in particular was one of them. Playing dress up, running around the house barefoot, sipping whiskey & listening to Artie Shaw. Those intimate moments upon conversing with the person behind the camera, the music and energy just sets the tone. A few months back I made thisSpotify playlist featured below. Upon recent hearing, I realiz…