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Someone recently questioned on why I'd put "horror enthusiast" on my business card, and my immediate response to that is: Horror is more to me then just a genre that I dive into on my free time, it's a part of my lifestyle. (Duh) And if you follow me on my other social networking sites, you'd know this as a fact. Now, maybe one day I can bore you on how my fascination for all things spooky started when I was very young: Spoiler Alert ! (Sneaking out to go trick-or-treating with my friends at the ripe age of five due to my conservative upbringing) But for now all you need to know is: I enjoy long walks thru haunted houses, collecting baby bats, and perfecting my monster mash moves. I love supporting year round horror events that happen here in Los Angeles, returning to Monsterpalooza is a definite must every year. Think of this like a Comic Con for all things Monster & Horror related: Three days filled with collectors, vendors, panels, celebrity guests, films an…