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Top Tunes of 2012

Presenting My Favorite Albums & Tracks of 2012

1. Poolside - Pacific Standard Time 2. Tame Impala - Lonerism 3. Chromatics - Kill For Love 4. DIIV - Oshin 5. Grizzly Bear - Shields 6. Beach House - Bloom 7. Jack White - Blunderbuss 8. Hot Chip - In Our Heads 9. Animal Collective - Centipede Hz 10. Simian Mobile Disco - Unpatterns
I had the chance of seeing 1,4,6,9 & 10 live this year, all gave such great performances. Every month /every year I try going to as many shows as my wallet can take. Attending a few music festivals is my 2013 goal.
1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Baby 2. Rhye - The Fall * 3. Chromatics - Ceremony (New Order Cover) * 4. Beach House - Myth * 5. Simian Mobile Disco - Seraphim * 6. Animal Collective - Honeycomb * 7. Hot Chip - Flutes * 8. Todd Terje - Inspectre Norse * 9. Miike Snow - Black Tin Box * 10. Tanlines - All of Me * 11. Mac Demarco - Ode to Viceroy * 12. Major Lazer - Get Free * 13. Cloud Nothings- Stay Useless…

Autumn Walk

Seasons of change bring fresh elements to my lifestyle and influence the daily routine. Autumn in Los Angeles is gorgeous; it’s my favorite time of year. Take advantage of this season by trying something out of your comfort zone. Statement: A blunt bang cut, bold accessories, or that lip color you've been dying to try, just say yes and never look back.
As a part of my daily routine, here is a list of what I’m listening to this Fall. All photographs were taken by the great Adrian Garcia in the back of my favorite antique store.
Outfit: top, shorts, leggings, boots, necklace, lips.

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Make Parties, Not War

I'm known among my friends to throw a party (or two) every year. Most recently I threw myself a 1960s costume birthday party, and it was such a great time ! Theme parties provide a chance for guests to play dress-up, and for you to indulge your creative imagination. When successful, they’re unforgettable. Here are my tips to throwing a successful theme party: 1.)Location: Focus on the number of guests you will be having. Once this is done, set a location. 2.)Theme: From costume to hosting a wine tasting. This helps you figure out who to invite. 3.)Entertainment: Music is a must for my parties, which is why I always have a Disk Jockey present. This is just one less substance I need to worry about while hosting.
I wanted the simplicity of the 1960s to be strong as the night continued; meaning no cell phones. Having a photographer taking care of capturing those tender moments made this easy & realistic. Having a great photo booth & candid photos thru ought the night is perfect. 4.)

First Class Fashion at Second Hand Prices

Growing up middle class my whole life has taught me to shop for wardrobe necessities without going over budget. It has taken some easy realization that I have been a professional at this for many years. Going forward, I will show you how easy it is to get first class fashion at second hand prices.  Support your local businesses & resale fashion ! Forget Louis Vuitton, Asos, and Urban Outfitters. Spots like Gap, Marshalls, local boutiques, yard sales, and thrift stores can be great places to find stuff that no one else will have. And my love for these stores underscores an all-important style philosophy: it's not what you wear, but how you wear it.  Good style can happen anywhere, and it certainly doesn't need to come with a big fancy label. With that being said, I'm featuring this dress I purchased for $1 at a yard sale, Guess wedges from T.J. Maxx, belt & clutch from a local boutique

Need to re-vamp your wardrobe? Shop thrifts! Try out that new trend without feel…

Treasured Times

This is a simple post of a story told by photos of a great time spent with friends. This month has been a series of tests of patience, emotion, and endurance with sudden happenings in my life. From a tumor cancer scare in the family, death in a friend's family, to the Aurora, Co. innocent killings, these sudden tragedy's are difficult...but not in our control. I believe that all we can do it take time from this imperfect world & enjoy an afternoon, day, or weekend with the people you have been blessed with on this earth.
Photos: Amanda Brown  & Adrian Garcia

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Summer Is Here

2012's swimsuit craze is here: Vintage inspired high waited briefs & long-line tops have hit the shelves & I'm obsessed.  The words classic and flattering come to mind when I think of these beauties and I had to have one.
Here is how I took my suit from day - to - play:

I encourage you to have fun in the sun this summer - don't let body image keep you from having a good time! Whether you find a two-piece or a solid this year, be comfortable and feel gorgeous.  XO
Swim Suit: Torrid Sunglasses: Fred Flare Sun Hat: Rose Bowl Flea Market Sandals: Ecote Skirt: Target
To see more photos of fun in the sun, follow me on instagram @summerose !


The saying goes : One man's trash is another man's treasure - Something that one person considers worthless may be considered valuable by someone else. I find myself lost in happiness of the treasures at flea markets, thrift stores, antique fairs.
The thought of how each item had a story to tell & now it's here in front of me to enjoy and bring it new life. Here are the photos I captured at my city's yearly antique street fair:
It was puppy Kingsley's 1st public outing in the city! (His outfit is a sign that he's not as cuddly as he seems, he loves barking at babies & other dogs) 
 I (really) wish that American flag jacket had fit me

 Who doesn't love a great food trucks now-a-days?

The best $1.00 pizza that ever came out of Whittier 
 I stopped at The Bargain Bin (my favorite thrift store ever) and picked up these gems My purchases : Vintage leather case with two flasks & vintage print dress Decided to enjoy my beautiful Saturday dressed as …