Natural Chemistry

As seasons change and hearts grow colder, and I grow more comfortable with myself then I've ever been. 
After all, you cannot begin to love someone if you don't love yourself. This is a learning process I'm adapting to daily.  
This was my first shoot that wasn’t taken by one of my best friends capturing the images, it was done by someone who came to me interested in collaborating for artful purposes and I was open to this new experience.
I 've been wanting to do a shoot that required a little less clothing then I'm used to, while being fun and tasteful. Personally, there are times when it doesn't matter what you're wearing on the surface, it's what's underneath that counts. 
I believe it’s important for every woman to feel her greatest. Wearing lace and lingerie can be equally fun no matter what age or relationship status, just do it for you! The lovely Gabifresh said it perfectly, “Every woman I know has danced around the house in her undies, singing in the mirror and admiring her body, and I think these casual, low-pressure moments can also be when we feel our best.”  
When I'm in my favorite demi bra and high waisted briefs I sometimes feel like Wonder Woman and Bettie Paige at the same damn time. It's a great feeling to be comfortable and love the skin your in. I wouldn't change it for the world.

With that being said, the following images are what came out of artistic brainstorming and that natural chemistry between the photographer and the model. Enjoy.

Dress: Vintage | Necklace: Tarina Tarantino | Headress: Handmade by me | Demi: Victoria Secret

All photos were taken by Kohshin Finely.


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